Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Digi-Capital Global Games Investment Review 2013 – Q2 Update

Mobile has fundamentally disrupted the games market

Investment bank Digi-Capital has published the Q2 2013 Update to its Global Games Investment Review (free Executive Summary at

Commenting on the Review, Digi-Capital Founder Tim Merel said,

“Mobile has fundamentally disrupted the games market across sectors globally.

Mobile internet is the most disruptive technology today. Mobile internet could create up to $11 Trillion in value globally by 2025 (across all industries, not just games), built on a well developed mobile tech stack. Mobile internet connected devices, mobile broadband subscriptions, mobile data usage and mobile apps growth are driving disruption across all tech related markets. For games, the transition to free-to-play and communal gameplay is changing sector dynamics, delivering  up to 10x-20x revenue uplifts for market leaders.